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Mackay Open 2020!!

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Deposit required to Register. You can either pay your deposit or full Entry via the link

PDF copy of Flyer HERE




Squad List:

Tournament Schedule
Lanes Conditioned before all Squads
Friday 28th of August
D Squad (If required) Check in 4.30pm
Saturday 29th of August
A Squad Check in 7.30am
B Squad Check in 12pm
C Squad Check in 4.30pm
Sunday 30th of August
Lanes Conditioned before Both Stage 2 and 3
Top 18 Open & Top 6 Ladies Check in 8am
Top 5 Open and Top 5 Ladies Check in 10.15am

Tournament format
Stage 1
12 Games Bowled (6 x 2 Game Blocks) Scratch Pinfall 3 to a pair
Stage 2
Top 16 Open & Top 6 Ladies bowl 6 Games (Pinfall not carried) 3 to a pair
Stage 3
Stepladder final for Top 5 Open and Top 5 Ladies
5th plays 4th for 2 Games, higher total pinfall of 2 games goes
on to play 3rd position and so on

Tournament Conditions

• This is a Scratch event open to all 2020 TBA Registered Bowlers.
Please note If you’re from outside QLD- At the time of this flyer being published
QLD borders are closed. Your Entry will be pending borders re-opening.
In the event borders are not open for travel on the 28th of August your deposit will be refunded
• Re-Entry will be available subject to availability for $120
• You must advise if you’re entering in Open or Ladies division prior to Qualifying.
• All Games will be bowled in accordance with TBA Rules and Regulations.
TBA Cards must be available at the time of check in or your 2020 registration must
be viewable on TBA’s website with the correct spelling of your name.
• Female Bowlers bowling in Open Category will receive 8 Pins per game in all stages
• Dress code is as per TBA’s tournament guidelines
• The Tournament Director reserves the right to check any bowler’s equipment at any
time. Any equipment found in breach of TBA regulations will result in disqualification
and no claim to prize money
• Any late check ins for any stage will be replaced by the next available reserve
• Any matters not covered in these conditions will be decided by the tournament director whose decision will be final
• Smoking, consumption of alcohol and use of electronic devices is not permitted by any bowler participating
• In the event of a tie for 20th in Stage 1 (Qualifying) the spot will be awarded to the player with the highest game in stage 1
• In the event of a tie for 5th in Stage 2 the spot will be awarded to the player with the highest game in stage 2
• In the event of a tie in stage 3 the result will be decided by a 10th frame playoff until the tie is broken
• For the final game, in the event of a tie a 3rd deciding game will be played
• If tournament is cancelled for any reason deposits will be refunded
• Registration is via Mackay Leisure Website only
• 1st prize for both Open and Ladies division is locked in, all other prizes are variable based on numbers.
Prize fund advertised is based on 50 Open Bowlers and 20 Ladies