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Frequently asked Questions:


How long does a game of TenPin take?

About 10 minutes per person, per game so 4 people playing 1 game would be 40 minutes roughly.


Do you book per person or lane?

You book per person. Each lane takes 6 people so we will book on a per person basis allocating you more than one lane for bookings over 6 people and when possible will have groups side by side on lanes. The earlier you book the more likely you’ll be to get lanes next to each other.


How does tenpin scoring work?

Each player per game bowls ten frames. Each frame you get 2 turns to bowl over all 10 pins. If you bowl all 10 on the first bowl that’s a strike and your turn is complete. A strike means the next two pin scores you receive are doubled. If you knock over all 10 over two turns, that’s a spare and your next pin score is doubled.


What’s the maximum score?

300! That’s 12 strikes in a row! Our head technician has done that 9 times in his career so if you see him (Ross) ask him for some tips!


How do I join a league?

Give us a ring or send us an email with your details and we’ll be in contact. We have many different leagues, all days of the week! Something for everyone!


If I bowl league but miss a week or work shift work how does that work?

Whenever you can’t make it on the day/night of your league you can pre-bowl whenever you like! Just let the staff know that’s what you’re in for. As always, its best to book a lane!


Do I need to book a lane?

Lane bookings are highly recommended especially during busy periods. If you’re booking for more than 6 people, then it’s best to book to make sure you get lanes side by side.


What food does the cafe offer?

We have a Cafe that offers snacks, lunch and full dinners! Our menu is also on the website.


Are you licensed?

We sure are! We have two bars, one in cafe and one at the bowl counter. You can only purchase and consume alcohol in Bowling, no alcohol in Skate or Squash.


What size shoe will I be?

Our shoes are marked with US and Euro sizing. Males sizes are straight forward but for females if you’re a 9 grab a 7, usually just take 2 sizes off. Our shoes range from a Junior 8 to a Male 15! For kids with shoes smaller than an 8 they’re more than welcome to bowl in socks.


Do I have to wear bowling shoes?

Yes, unless you’re a child and would prefer to bowl in socks. No regular shoes on our bowling approaches.


Where is the Skate Entrance?

It’s located at the rear of the Building


Where is the Laser Tag?

It’s located at the rear of the Building across from the Skating counter


When are your skate sessions?

The latest up to date skate session times are on the Skate session of our website here:

Skate Sessions


Got a Question?

Ask it here!