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Roller Hockey

Mackay Mustangs Roller Hockey Club

For more information contact:

Lyle Denman

Love To Skate? Try Roller Hockey!

A fast paced sport involving girls, boys, men and women of all ages and abilities.

The game requires players to skate and propel a ball into a net whilst the net is defended by an opposition team trying to propel the ball into the opposite net. The game involves skating as well as stick and ball skills, building players spatial awareness, balance and timing skills. Contact is incidental and controlled, as opposed to collision sports.

Learn to skate – 5.00 pm Thursdays (first 2 weeks free, the $5 per week after that plus once yearly $65 sign up to cover Insurances etc)

Roller Hockey – 5.30 pm-6.30pm Thursdays



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For more information contact:

Lyle Denman