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Gold Cards

Starting in 2020 Gold Cards are available at this MLC’s discretion.

Gold Cards are $1500 per year

Available on Zip Pay but price is increased due to processing fees of Zip Pay

GOLD CARD PURCHASE (<—Link to purchase on ZipPay)

$750 per 6 months due on the first day of the month of that 6 month period (1st of Jan for Jan to June and 1st of July for July to Dec)

Terms and Conditions:
• Full payment of $750 ($650 for Juniors) required on or before 1st of Jan for Jan-June and 1st of July for July-
• Juniors are classed as someone who is under 18 and not turning 18 until the next billing cycle (6-month
billing period)
• Practice games are only available where lanes are free with no league/social bowlers are waiting, where required multiple Gold Card holders practicing will combine lanes, crosslane only when available, please take note of times where lights are off/projectors are on. Bookings or ringing in advance to check availability always recommended. Unless the Tech has time to re-oil prior to league commencement practice isn’t available on the pre oiled league lanes
• Competition/Tournament lane fees are not included
• Cards MUST be presented to receive discounts (Excluding your regular registered league as we will already have you noted as paid in any leagues you are already registered in)
• No Refunds
• No one else is to bowl your league or practice games, If you are seen “sharing” your games your card will be revoked
• You must be TBA registered and keep your registration up to date
• MLC reserves the right to cancel the offering of these cards at any time or amend the terms and conditions of free league/practice (upon the expiry of the date you are paid up to)

TBA renewal

Link HERE to renew your membership. If you don’t know your registration number you can search your name in the search bar. If you need help come in and ask one of the front counter staff to help you out. Discounts apply for early bird renewal so get in quick in December. If you are in a TBA registered league as of the 1st of Feb 2020 anyone without current membership will no longer receive the League game discount and will pay regular social rates.

Ordering Bowling Balls/Products
All ordering can now be done online HERE or in centre. Online orders are eligible for Afterpay.
If you have your measurements with Brando please search for the item “Drilling” in products and add it to the cart with “Brando Drilling” selected as the product option

TBA Rules