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Info for existing League Bowlers

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Practice Game Cards- 10 games for $40Adults/$35Juniors
The times these cards are available for use are Mondays all day, Tuesdays from 12pm till 5pm, Wednesdays from 9am till 5pm, Thursdays all day, Fridays from open till 5pm and Sundays from 3pm till close. Times subject to change at any time. You must be a registered Mackay Leisure Centre league Bowler who has attended league on a regular basis & a Current TBA member to enjoy the benefits of these cards. The cards are valid 1 year from date of issue. They are non refundable and non transferable. Cards not for use during the school holidays. Preference for lanes will always go to league or socials.

Ask us about Gold Cards next time you’re in.

Referral Program
For Existing League Bowlers with TBA Membership-Refer a new Bowler (someone who hasn’t bowled league for at least 12 months) to any league and once they’ve paid for 4 weeks you’ll receive 2 weeks of league yourself for free!* (Their first week is free)
*doesn’t include prize funds

TBA renewal
Link HERE to renew your membership. If you don’t know your registration number you can search your name in the search bar. If you need help come in and ask one of the front counter staff to help you out. Discounts apply for early bird renewal so get in quick in December. If you are in a TBA registered league as of the 1st of Feb 2021 anyone without current membership will no longer receive the League game discount and will pay regular social rates.

Ordering Bowling Balls/Products
All ordering can now be done online HERE or in centre. Online orders are eligible for Afterpay.
If you have your measurements with Brando please search for the item “Drilling” in products and add it to the cart with “Brando Drilling” selected as the product option

TBA Rules

Mackay Leisure Centre League Rules